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How do I download a film?

To download a film from the site do the following, depending on what device you are using:

PC / Mac

Right click on the 'Download' button and then click on any variant of 'Save', 'Save as', 'Save link as', ‘Download Linked File', 'Save Target as'. What option you are presented with will depend on what browser and operating system you are using.


Press and hold the 'Download' button and then tap 'Save link'. If it is the first time you are downloading a file you may be prompted to update your browser's permissions.

The ability to download files on Android devices is dependent on your device and Android version.

iOS (iPhone & iPad)

It is currently not possible to download files on these devices due to Apple's restrictions. However, you can download clips onto a desktop computer and upload to a cloud-based drive such as One Drive. Using the One Drive app for iOS you can then download the clip onto an iPad for editing.