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Tam Trauchle's Troubles (clip 2)

A holiday camp for poor children

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This film is one of a series of fund raising appeal films produced for the Glasgow Necessitous Children's Holiday Camp Fund to raise money to help send poor children on a holiday during the summer break. The film promotes the benefits of the Holiday Camp to children and parents alike and provides an insight into what life was like for Glasgow children during the great depression. A collection tin would be passed around after showings of this film at the cinema.

This clip features the city children having fun on a respite camp at North Berwick. Includes shots of children singing around a campfire with tents in the background; Sam and Robert Trauchle then get up to sing "We're in a camp in the country, hurray, hurray!". We then see Mr Trauchle at home smoking and pipe and reading a paper enjoying the peace and quiet while Sam and Robert are at camp.

Questions & Activities


  • Where are all the girls at the camp?
  • What kinds of songs do you enjoy singing in big groups?
  • How does the life in the camp compare with life in the tenement?
  • What do you notice about the haircuts?
  • Do you think the boys have a good diet?


Research the history of tourism: what proportion of families went on holidays in the 1930s and now (both international and domestic)?

Find out why Sam and Robert would be so thin - what would their diet consist of? Notice how they walk and what condition might have caused this and why? What could be done to combat this?

Transcribe the dialogue of the Trauchle family (Dad, Mum, Sam and Robert). Find out what the Scots/Glaswegian terms mean and then write the script in standard English. Perform the script to the class and notice how different it sounds. Script the scene in your local dialect or in Gaelic.

Compare this holiday camp to children's holiday camps. What activities are undertaken on these camps. Write a piece of creative writing, draw a picture or make a film showing the various activities.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-000-053-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 0253
Date 1934
Genre Documentary, Drama Doc, Charitable
School Subject Social Studies, Modern Studies, History, Geography, Health and Wellbeing
Who Glasgow Corporation Education Department (sponsor), Pathe Pictures Ltd (production company)
Where Glasgow, Tantallon Castle
Event Holidays
Attributes Black and White, Sound
Clip Length 1:56
Film Length 40:00
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