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Tam Trauchle's Troubles (clip 4)

Sam and Robert arrive home from camp

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This film is one of a series of fund raising appeal films produced for the Glasgow Necessitous Children's Holiday Camp Fund to raise money to help send poor children on a holiday during the summer break. The film promotes the benefits of the Holiday Camp to children and parents alike and provides an insight into what life was like for Glasgow children during the great depression. A collection tin would be passed around after showings of this film at the cinema.

Sam and Robert Trauchle arrive home from the holiday camp. They inspect their dad's cleaning and notice that he has missed bits. The boys get prepared to help clean the flat and they dance to the camp song. A knock at the door reveals their mother has come home from the hospital. The film then ends with intertitles encouraging people to donate money to the charity.

Questions & Activities


  • What job could Mr Trauchle have had in Glasgow in the 1930s and why is he now out of work?
  • Why is Mr Trauchle not coping?
  • Where has Mrs Trauchle been?
  • What are the Trauchle family having for tea? Why does Sam mention this?
  • Can you think of any fundraising films/programmes you have seen at the cinema or on television?
  • What other ways can you think of that charities use to raise money?


Create a poem or slogan for a fundraising film to raise money for disadvantaged children today. What words would you use to show how the children could benefit from going on holiday and how would you encourage people to give money?

Mrs Trauchle has been in hospital. Research the common illnesses experienced by many poor families during the 1930s.

Make a list of all the chores that we carry out at home today. Compare with those that all the chores you see Mr Trauchle doing in clips 1, 2 and 4. Do you think we have more chores today and how is this different to the 1930s?

Compare this film with how fundraising is carried out today on television (e.g. Children in Need, Comic Relief). Examine how the programme/film is structured. How is today's programme different or similar to 'Tam Trauchle's Troubles'. In what ways does it encourage you to donate money.

Storyboard and film your own fundraising film for a local cause or charity. Screen your film and either take a collection or count a show of hands as to whether the film would encourage them to donate money.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-000-057-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 0253
Date 1934
Genre Documentary, Drama Doc, Charitable
Who Glasgow Corporation Education Department (sponsor), Pathe Pictures Ltd (production company)
Where Glasgow
Event Holidays
Attributes Black and White, Sound
Clip Length 2:16
Film Length 40:00
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