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Stan and Ollie (clip)

The famous movie comedians visit Edinburgh

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Originally part of a longer film record of Stan and Ollie's visit to the UK in 1932, this film shows Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy making an appearance on stage at the Playhouse Cinema, Edinburgh. This clips shows shots of the auditorium and projection box. Stan and Ollie are introduced and then appear on stage to perform a quick comedy sketch. Stan, Oliver and Mrs. Hardy then relax backstage. Shots of the crowds outside. Stan and Ollie get back into their car and are driven away.

Questions & Activities


  • Who were Stan and Ollie?
  • How old are their fans?
  • How has the treatment of fame and celebrity changed?
  • Why did they visit Edinburgh?
  • What kind of entertainment is shown?
  • Can you think of any modern acts of the same genre?
  • How did Stan and Ollie become famous?
  • What celebrities would have a similar reaction from fans today?


History: Research venues that Stan and Ollie would have performed at.

Media Studies/English: Create a sketch show or Silent movie in a similar style.

Media Studies: Add a voice-over for the act or create and add sound effects to a silent movie.

English: Write about a time when you have seen or taken part in a live performance.

English: Watch an episode of Laurel and Hardy, compare and contrast with a modern equivalent.

Drama: Discuss aspects of comedy, visual, physical, spoken word, sound effects.

Expressive Arts / Media Studies: Research and discuss aspects of fame and the impact for celebrities.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-000-091-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 0492
Date 1932
Genre Local Topical, Newsreel
School Subject History, Social Studies, English, Media Studies, Expressive Arts, Drama
Who Alan J. Harper (filmmaker), Playhouse Cinema, Edinburgh (cinema)
Where Edinburgh
Event Celebrity visit
Attributes Black and White, Silent
Clip Length 2:49
Film Length 06:00