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Cashmere is Scottish (clip 1)

Promotional film for Scottish Cashmere producers

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Cashmere wool obtained from Mongolia is spun and knitted at Scottish mills into cashmere knitwear for Pringle, Ballantyne, Braemar and Glenmac. In this first clip we see dawn break and are treated to general shots of countryside in south of Scotland. We then visit the Highland Games and are introduced to two women and one man wearing Cashmere sweaters. The film then cuts to mountain scenery in Mongolia. Cashmere goats are combed out by hand and the under fleece put into sacks. These sacks are loaded onto yaks for their journey to the docks from where they are despatched to Scotland.

Questions & Activities


  • How is Scotland portrayed in this clip? Is this a true representation of Scotland?
  • What kinds of stereotypes can you see in the clip?
  • Is cashmere really Scottish?
  • Could Cashmere be considered a Fairtrade product?
  • How is cashmere used today?
  • How has global trade affected the price of Cashmere?


History / Social Studies / English / Geography / Citizenship: List all the images and ideas of Scotland that are presented.

Geography: Examine on a map the areas mentioned in the clip.

Enterprise / Business: Global trade: investigate cashmere today. How does Scotland feature?

Social Studies / Citizenship: Compare the different groups of people seen in the film?

English / Citizenship: Write a letter complaining about the film from a Scottish resident.

Fashion/Art Design: Research Scottish fashion and tartan.

PSE / RME: Research the UN Convention on the 'Rights of the Child' and compare how the children are represented in this film. Find out if the nations mentioned are signed up to the Convention.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-000-099-C
Resource Rights Holder Courtesy of Dawson International plc
Project Ref 0578
Date 1973
Genre Promotional, Corporate
School Subject Art and Design, History, Geography
Subject Matter Textiles, Enterprise, Citizenship
Who Abel Goddman (director), Martin Kane Production (production company)
Where Mongolia, Scotland
Event Highland Games
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 5:30
Film Length 17:00