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Save in 1969

An advert showing a selection of co-op products

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A Co-operative advert showing a selection of food offers available in 1969 including Heinz Soup, Del Monte Pineapple slices and Golden Ball Marmalade. The advert features a 1960s housewife and her daughter as they arrive home with the shopping.

Questions & Activities


  • Who is the advert aimed at?
  • Who is in the advert? Why?
  • Freeze and study the first shot: what impression of this family is created by the objects, setting, costumes and lighting?
  • What is the advert selling and how does it do this?
  • What are the selling points made about the products shown?
  • Why are the prices different from the form of counting we use today?


Create a visual comparison of the brands, packaging and imagery of these products then and now.

Research the prices of foods then and now relative to salaries and inflation.

Create your own brand image for a food product.

Compare and contrast with modern Co-op branding and advertising.

Calculate the modern cost of the products from Come Co-operative Shopping, Australia Week and Save in 1969 (or similar products).

Create a modern version of this advert.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-000-117-C
Resource Rights Holder By kind permission of The Co-operative Group Limited
Project Ref 0659
Date 1969
Genre Advertising
School Subject Expressive Arts, Health and Wellbeing, Literacy, Media Studies, Numeracy, Mathematics, Social Studies
Subject Matter Marketing, Advert, Food, Family
Who Co-operative Wholesale Society (supermarket)
Where Glasgow, Supermarket
Attributes Black and White, Sound
Clip Length 0:29
Film Length 00:29