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Meet the Stars

Cigarette advertising in the past

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Scottish footballing stars of 1960 demonstrate their skills, including Alex Scott from Rangers FC and Bertie Peacock from Celtic FC, at Cathkin Park in Glasgow. Sponsored by Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society, whose Rocky Mount cigarettes are shown in film. Scottish International footballers show off their skills. The goalkeeper makes a save, and celebrates by lighting up a cigarette.

Questions & Activities


  • What does the film suggest about this product?
  • Why is the main character a goalkeeper?
  • Do you think these men were heavy smokers, or were they doing it for the money?
  • What types of products do professional footballers help advertise today?


Business Studies / Modern Studies: The film appears humourously shocking to modern audiences because of the negative image cigarettes have. But have times really changed? What modern examples can you find of sports stars endorsing products which may be dangerous to health (e.g. high-fat food and high-sugar drinks?) Research how, for example, football replica shirts are made, what ethical issues are raised? Look at who the official sponsors are for the 2012 Olympics.

PSE: How have perceptions of smoking changed over time? Compare posters advertising cigarettes from the 1950s with modern NHS anti-smoking adverts.

Media Studies / Computer Studies: Download the film, strip out the existing sound, re-edit the footage and add an alternative narration to turn this from a smoking advert into a public information film about the dangers of smoking. You may also want to add your own artwork, clips from other films or stills from the internet.

Biology / PSE / Health and Wellbeing: Use this film as a starting point to discuss attitudes to smoking and to investigate the dangers of smoking. How exactly does smoking harm your health, why do people become addicted, and are there any other non-medical drawbacks to this particular habit.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-000-221-C
Resource Rights Holder By kind permission of The Co-operative Group Limited
Project Ref 1166
Date 1960
Genre Advert
School Subject Media Studies, Science, Health and Wellbeing, Physical Education, Biology
Who Enrico Cocozza (filmmaker), Scottish Co-opertive Wholesale Society (sponsor)
Where Cathkin Park, Glasgow
Event Cigarette Advertising
Attributes Black and White, Silent
Clip Length 1:30
Film Length 12:42