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Warwork News No. 19, The Other Man's Job

Public information film for Warwork News

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One of a series of films for Warwork News, this film shows locomotives being built for "the second front" at the North British Locomotive Company, Springburn, Glasgow. The clip shows the interior of the factory and shows lightweight locomotives under construction for use on the railway network in Europr. The clip also highlights the work of a visiting Chinese engineer helping with the Allied war effort. Other workers include women and older men.

Questions & Activities


  • What does austerity mean?
  • Do you think these locomotives would have been as safe as the heavier trains?
  • Why would they be needed during the invasion of Europe?
  • How many different types and races of people can you spot in this film?
  • What is unusual about the workers you see?
  • How are the women workers referred to in this film? What jobs are they doing?
  • Do you think the Chinese Engineer felt appreciated by the British people?


Investigate how war drove scientific and technological innovation. Find out what products that we take for granted today were developed during the Second World War.

Visit the Riverside Museum in Glasgow to see a locomotive like this.

Prepare a chronology of the history of railways and their importance to the economy as a means of transport. Why were the railways so important to the war effort?

Compare austerity design with ethical and eco design today. What are the defining features of each movement, the similarities and differences.

Research how many people from other countries served in the British armed forces during the Second World War or supported the war effort like this Chinese engineer.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-000-225-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 1274
Date 1943
Genre Documentary, Public Information, Propaganda
School Subject Science, Technologies, History, Social History
Subject Matter Railways, World War 2, Community involvement, Citizenship, International Education
Who Ministry of Supply (sponsor), Paramount (production company)
Where Glasgow, Springburn
Event World War II
Attributes Black and White, Sound
Clip Length 3:00
Film Length 03:00