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Young in Heart (clip 1)

Development of the Hillman Imp Motorcar

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The film shows the development and production of the Hillman Imp car at the Linwood industrial plant. It starts with shots of a couple driving a Hillman Imp along country roads on west coast of Scotland, before talking about the design, development and production of this new car. There are also shots of the car being driven on a test track and skid pan followed by shots of the car being driven through roads in France, Italy, Germany, Africa and the Arctic Circle. There is also a feature on the Hillman Imp in Glasgow's new Transport Museum.

Questions & Activities


  • Why was the Hillman Imp an iconic car?
  • How does the film portray the car?
  • What are the various processes shown in the film?
  • This promotional film is quite long - where do you think it would have been shown?
  • Why was the factory built?


Geography / Technologies: Research car manufacturing in Scotland. How long did the Linwood plant produce cars and what makes are produced in Scotland today? Are these Scottish or overseas productions?

Technologies / Science: In the film the car is tested on a variety of terrains in a number of different countries. How are cars tested today?

Media Studies: Compare this extract with a recent car advertisement. Examine the different models and the target audience. What difference does this make to the how the product is marketed?

Media Studies: The Hillman Imp was the modern must have car in 1963. Compare the marketing campaign to that of the Smartcar today.

Art and Design / Technologies: Design a modern car for today. Consider the environment factors.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-000-239-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 1480
Date 1963
Genre Promotional, Industrial, Corporate
School Subject Business Studies, Economic History, Media Studies, Geography, Science, Technologies
Subject Matter Advertising
Who Films of Scotland and the Rootes Group (sponsor), Glasgow Films (production company)
Where Africa, Italy, Linwood, Scandinavia, Highlands
Event Product launch
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 11:53
Film Length 23:32