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Young in Heart (clip 2)

Development of the Hillman Imp Motorcar

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This promotional film shows the development and production of the Hillman Imp car at the Linwood industrial plant. The footage in this clip shows: computer controllers at work; cutting fitting the steel and welding sections of the car; conveyor carrying the cars to the paint shop; painted car bodies heading for the production line; workers on the assembly line and finished cars coming off the assembly line. It also features footage from the official opening of the Liinwood plant. A plaque is unveiled and the Duke of Edinburgh drives off in a Hillman Imp, followed by shots of car transporters leaving Linwood. The final sequences shows a Hillman Imp driving through countryside to a beach where a man and woman get out and walk along the shore. Please Note: There is also a feature on the Hillman Imp in Glasgow's new Transport Museum.

Questions & Activities


  • How is music, camera angles and editing used to create mood?
  • What tone does the narration take in this clip?
  • What industries does Scotland have today?
  • To what extent do you think people still feature in car manufacturing?


Music / Media Studies: Listen to the soundtrack without the image. Try to suggest what the film would be about. Then watch the clip and see the actual content. What surprises you?

Media Studies: Compare this clip to 'The Big Mill (clip 2 ). How do both clips use sound, pace, narration and editing to tell a story.

English: The narrator describes car manufacture as a "symphony of automation". Create a poem about the manufacture of the car.

Expressive Arts / English: Take a section of film and list the colours, shapes and patterns that you see. Suggest what these are designed to make you feel. As a follow up write an emotion poem based on one of the emotions you have identified.

Science / Technologies: Research car manufacturing today. To what extent is it completely automated using robots and machinery? What impact has this had on local jobs?

Geography: The Linwood factory was located in Paisely. Find out what is there now and develop an idea for a business that could promote the local area or your local area.

English / Technologies: List the different materials used to construct the car. What materials are used today?

Science / Technologies: Research aluminum. What else is it used for?

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-000-241-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 1480
Date 1963
Genre Promotional, Industrial, Corporate
School Subject Business Studies, Economic History, Media Studies
Subject Matter Advertising
Who Films of Scotland (sponsor), Glasgow Films (production company), The Rootes Group (sponsor)
Where Africa, Finland, Italy, Linwood, Highlands
Event Product launch
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 10:46
Film Length 23:32