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Wood Goes to War (clip)

Women perform skilled work in a WWII weapons factory

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A film recording the work of the female employees at Glasgow furniture-making firm, H. Morris & Co. during the Second World War. Here production was turned over to the manufacture of rifle stocks and prototype bomb casings for the "bouncing bomb". This film was made around 1942 / 1943, but not "released" until after the war. It shows women working as skilled machinists and quality controllers.

Questions & Activities


  • Why was it important to inspect the work thoroughly?
  • Was it common for women to work in factories before the war?
  • What were women encouraged to do after the war?
  • Why were rifle stocks made of wood and why were they oiled?
  • What skills are they using in this job?
  • Is this an example of job production, flow production or batch production?


Compare this film with post-war films from the 1950s encouraging women to return to home making (eg A Day in the Home). What are the differences in attitudes toward women in work? Find out what changed.

Discuss the ethics of ammunition production.

Using this and other films in the collection, discuss the different ways (e.g. advertisement, infomercial and sponsorship) that filmmakers and advertisement producers market their clients' products and encourage people to buy.

Compose and write your own music and narration to accompany this film.

Rosie the Riveter was a media propaganda creation devised in America to encourage women into the factories while men were away fighting in the Second World War. Research images of Rosie the Riveter and create a modern campaign to encourage both men and women to help out with the war effort.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-000-243-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 1509
Date 1942
Genre Documentary, Promotional
School Subject History, Economic History, Social History, Business Studies, Modern Studies, Media Studies, Music
Subject Matter World War 2, Home Front, PCMS
Who H. Morris & Co. (sponsor)
Where Glasgow
Event World War II
Attributes Colour, Silent
Clip Length 5:32
Film Length 30:47