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Dying of Thirst (clip)

Educational film from the 1970s about teenage drinking

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An educational film aimed at teenagers to highlight the dangers of alcohol abuse. This clip features various shots of people drinking and young people discussing the reasons for drinking including social and peer pressures. Young people discuss what they experienced by drinking and their feelings about drinking. Shots of drunk people in bars and in the street.

Questions & Activities


  • The film was made in 1975 - has anything changed?
  • What elements of the film make it look out of date and why?
  • What film techniques are used to create the impression of being drunk?
  • Who was the target audience? Do you think they would have liked it in 1975? And now?
  • What reasons might a documentary filmmaker have for making interviewees anonymous?
  • Why do you think the technique is used in this clip?


Science/Citizenship/PSD: Find out about the effect that alcohol has on health in Scotland.

PSD/Modern Studies: Do you agree with current drinking laws in Scotland?

Media Studies/English: Compare with modern public information films about alcohol in terms of techniques and effectiveness.

English: Storyboard and/or make your own one minute film about the dangers of drink, drugs or smoking and young people.

Drama: Role play and script reactions to the film from the viewpoint of a parent, a rebellious teenager, a health worker, and representative from the alcohol industry.

Media: Do you think any alcoholic drinks are marketed to attract underage drinkers?

Debate / English / Health and Wellbeing: Since 1998 smoking advertising has been banned. Should the same apply to alcohol advertising? Hold a class debate.

Health and Wellbeing: Should alcohol companies be able to sponsor sports teams and events?

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-000-309-C
Resource Rights Holder Courtesy of Health Scotland
Project Ref 2602
Date 1975
Genre Documentary, Educational, Women Filmmakers
School Subject English, Media Studies, Science, Health and Wellbeing
Subject Matter PSD
Who Sarah Erulkar (director), Scottish Health Education Unit (production company), Viscom Scotland in association with Smith Schorstein Associates Ltd (sponsor)
Where Glasgow, Pub, Street
Event Teenage Alcohol
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 2:59
Film Length 22:53