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Clyde Film (clip 1)

A powerful look at inner-city Glasgow in the 1980s

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Using music and images the history of the people of Glasgow set against scenes of demolition, unemployment and industrial wasteland. Shot by members of local arts and community group in the Cranhill district of Glasgow in 1984. A stark opening montage, which uses image and music to introduce us to a run-down urban landscape.

Questions & Activities


  • What atmosphere does the first shot (and sound) create?
  • What is being destroyed in this film and why?
  • What do you think the man in the factory is thinking?
  • There aren't many people in the film, what are the people who are in the film doing?
  • Why do you think the director included the song?
  • There are no words in the film (apart from song lyrics). What do you think the director's attitude is to life in Glasgow and how do you tell?


Find the original words to the words 'I Belong to Glasgow'. How are the words changed and why?

Use a satellite map to look at some of the locations in the film now (Red Road Flats, Partick Docks, Gorbals, Glasgow Necropolis). How are these areas used today?

Play this clip without showing the picture. Write down all the sounds you hear. Discuss what you think the film may be about, and what pictures come into your head.

How have housing conditions changed in Glasgow City changed since the industrial revolution?

How has Glasgow used festivals and events to drive regeneration (Empire Exhibition, Garden Festival, European City of Culture, 2014 Commonwealth Games).

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-000-339-C
Resource Rights Holder Courtesy of Cranhill Films
Project Ref 3789
Date 1985
Genre Documentary, Community Doc
School Subject Social Studies, Music, History, Geography, Modern Studies, Scots, Scottish Studies
Subject Matter Citizenship, Political Literacy
Who Cranhill Films (production company), Ian Venart, Charlie Tracy, Ian Miller, Mandy Merrick, Alistair McCallum, Ken Currie (director)
Where Glasgow, Glasgow Necropolis, River Clyde, Partick
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 6:01
Film Length 32:23