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Amateur drama doc about litter

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Amateur short about the carelessness with litter of visitors to the countryside. A young family leave a trail of litter along their trip, only to find visitors with a similar habit have been to their picnic spot before them.

Questions & Activities


  • Why do people litter?
  • Spot the unhealthy and unsafe activities?
  • What are the negative consequences of littering?
  • How does the jaunty music add to the effect of the film?
  • What kind of family do you think they are supposed to be?
  • Why did they choose to end the film on that particular shot?


Ecoschools: Show this film to younger children as an introduction to the ecoschools project.

Environmental Studies / Citizenship / Media Studies / RME: This is an amateur public information film. Research, discuss and debate why so many government education campaigns about littering and fly tipping have not worked. In addition to looking at other anti-litter campaigns from the past, such as those on the BFI website, you want to research your local council's policy on recycling, record how many littering and flytipping sites on a map, and find out how many people in your local area were fined for littering or fly-tipping using the laws at the council's disposal.

Environment / Technology: Investigate recycling techniques and technologies. Find out the different technological and environmental challenges associated with recycling and which offer the best economic and environmental return.

Media Studies / Ecoschools / Citizenship: The massage of this film is simple but emotionally effective. Storyboard and if possible make your own film about littering or recycling. This might be a live action or animated film.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-000-371-C
Resource Rights Holder Courtesy of Edinburgh Cine & Video Society
Project Ref 6481
Date 1970s
Genre Documentary, Drama Doc, Education, Amateur
School Subject Religious and Moral Education, Social Studies, Health and Wellbeing, Environmental Studies, Media Studies, Technologies
Subject Matter Citizenship, Ecoschools
Who Edinburgh Cine Society (filmmaker), Hawick Film Group (filmmaker)
Where Highlands
Event Family life
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 2:51
Film Length 02:51