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Cliff in Scotland (clip)

Themed light entertainment from STV in 1965

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Scottish TV entertainment programme from the late 1960s with Cliff Richard singing traditional Scottish songs in a contemporary style with accompanying dance routines, with special guest Una Stubbs. This is an early colour TV production and features elaborate set designs and swinging Sixties costumes. This introductory clip shows Cliff arriving over the border to an arrangement of ‘London Pride’. Once in Scotland Cliff Richard and the company sing and dance to a medley combining popular Sixties and swing influences that includes the song ‘Hail Caledonia’.

Questions & Activities


  • Which famous tunes have been jazzed up for the opening sequence?
  • Do the clothes present a modern or traditional view of Scotland?
  • What racial stereotypes are presented in this film?
  • Is this film patronising to Scotland or is it just a harmless piece of cultural reinvention typical in the Nineteen Sixties like Union Jack underpants?
  • Is the switch from black and white to colour significant and in which ways?
  • What cultural ideologies are represented within the film?


Music: What music would you use to depict Scotland (apart from bagpipes)?

Dance: Based on country dances you know make up your own dance to the Scottish-based music you have chosen.

Modern Studies: Discuss the cliches about Scotland and compare this film to modern promotional films used to attract visitors and sell Scotland to the world. Do these cliches offend us more than the foreign audiences and, if so, why?

Business Studies / Moving Image Education: Make your own promotional film or advert to advertise the real Scotland using downloaded films, still photographs, music and your own footage.

Media Studies: Look at other media representations of Scottishness like the use of kilts and warpaint in Braveheart or Highlander and research the historical accuracy of these representations.

Art and Design: Is it possible to make Tartan contemporary for the Scottish consumer? You could refer to Austin Powers, Punk or the Vivian Westwood tartan collection for further inspiration, before producing your own tartan inspired textiles.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-000-393-C
Resource Rights Holder Courtesy of Scottish Television
Project Ref T0854
Date 1965
Genre TV Entertainment
School Subject Religious and Moral Education, Art and Design, Social Studies, History, Environmental Studies, ICT, Physical Education, Health and Wellbeing, Modern Studies, Business Studies, Media Studies
Subject Matter PSD, Journeys
Who Scottish Television (production company), Wendy Toye (director)
Where Glasgow
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 2:29
Film Length 25:39