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Glasgow and the Clyde Coast (clip 2)

Holiday trip down the Clyde by train and then steamer

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This film is also known as 'Holiday Trip to the Clyde Coast of Scotland via London & North Western Railway'.

The clip features Dumbarton Rock and Castle shots; Caledonian Steamer leaving Gourock pier packed with passengers; shots of Hunters Quay and Kirn taken from the river; shots of Castle Hill; Dunoon and Highland Mary's Monument; Wemyss Bay Station; the territorial band on Wemyss Bay Pier - Braw Braw Lads pipe band marches along the pier; a Torpedo destroyer running speed trials; a tracking shot of Rothesay and the paddle steamer "Juno" tied up at pier; shots of holiday makers on Rothesay Pier disembarking and the esplanade. Also included in the clip is Ettrick Bay with children on the beach and donkey rides; shots of yachts sailing down the Clyde Coast. The clip finishes in Millport with children playing on the beach and on the rock, the Alligator's Head.

Questions & Activities


  • What time of year do you think this was?
  • How were people entertained?
  • Why do you see a war ship?
  • What is a firth?
  • What is meant by going 'doon the watter'?
  • Do people still go '€˜doon the watter'€™?
  • What would you do on the beach?
  • Think of all things you like doing at the seaside.
  • Does the film make you want to go on holiday?
  • Do you think you would enjoy this holiday?


Freeze the film on the hats at Wemyss Bay station. Design your own Edwardian hat.

Interview an older adult about how they spent their holidays as a child. What is different about how they spend their holidays today.

Design a tourist information leaflet to promote holidays from the time of the film.

Draw the boat that you see in the film.

The steamer fare from Glasgow to Rothesay was 2/6d in 1912. Draw up a conversation chart for pre-decimilsed money to find out how much this would be today.

Plan and research a journey to Rothesay. Plan modes of transport, timetable, accommodation, duration and budget.

Imagine you are the tourist officer for Dunoon and Rothesay. How would you go about improving and promoting the area in a bid to attract tourism.

Research the history of the tourism in Scotland focusing on the railways and Thomas Cook and how people were brought to Scotland.

List all the leisure pursuits you can see in this film?

Design a survey of where people go on holiday. Produce a graph and map to show your results.

Research Scottish holiday towns/resorts. Why are these destinations less popular today?

Hold a sandcastle building competition.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-013-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 0044
Date 1912
Genre Documentary, Sponsored
School Subject Media Studies, Art and Design, Social History, Geography
Subject Matter Business, Enterprise
Who Kineto Ltd London (production company), London and North Western Railway (sponsor)
Where Clyde, Dumbarton, Dunoon, Ettrick Bay, Gourock, Kirn, Millport, Rothesay, Wemyss Bay
Event Journey
Attributes Black and White, Silent
Clip Length 9:31
Film Length 11:00