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Crofters (clip)

A look at everyday life in the crofting community of Achriesgill in Sutherland

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A Ministry of Information and Agriculture film made during World War II about a crofting community in Sutherland. Shots in and around Achriesgill - a crofting community in Sutherland. The mail van arrives from Lairg. Mrs MacKay, the shopkeeper and her husband, deliver to distant crofts in the van. Shots of the schoolmistress, minister and district nurse. Derelict crofts contrasted with modern, solid two-storey houses. Brief details of crops. Crofters get together to gather sheep from the hills.

Questions & Activities


  • What were the Highland clearances?
  • What buildings make up the community?
  • Who made the film and what is its purpose? How is this reflected in the way the film is made?
  • What impression of a Crofter'€™s life is the film trying to create?
  • Why is GR on the post van?


Media Studies: What impression is the filmmaker trying to create about life in a Highland village from 1945? (e.g communication with the outside world, number of people, types of jobs, school).

Geography: Locate Achriesgill on a map. Find out what the village is like today by looking at Google Street View? What are the difference and what are the similarities?

Media Studies / English: Listen carefully to the commentary. Do you think the commentator is actually a member of the community. Give reasons for your answer?

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-027-C
Resource Rights Holder Crown Copyright licensed by National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 0120
Date 1945
Genre Documentary, Sponsored
School Subject Geography, Media Studies, History, Environmental Studies
Who Ministry of Information and Ministry of Agriculture (sponsors)
Where Achriesgill, Sutherland
Event Crofting
Attributes Black and White, Sound
Clip Length 11:16
Film Length 22:00