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Children of the City (clip 4)

Thought-provoking study of juvenile delinquency during World War II

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A dramatised study of child delinquency in Scotland during World War II. Filmed in Dundee, this clip depicts the life of children in Dundee and the challenges that city children face in trying to find the right course in life. It discusses which clubs and facilities should be avialable to children and how these should be organised and run - and by whom. Shots of the Boys' Brigade, cycling, children in the street, playing - "sword fighting", doing woodwork, rugby and country dancing.

Questions & Activities


  • Are these children's concerns the same as yours?
  • Who was this film made for?
  • How have children's activities changed in 60 years?
  • Are youth clubs important?
  • How many youth clubs are you aware of?


Media Studies: Make a series of video diaries of your class responding to the clips from this fascinating film.

PSE/Citizenship: Discuss the content and messages of this film and compare it to tabloid press type campaigns that whip up the threat posed by young people. List the type of activities offered to young people today. Discuss the different types of activities and debate the best ways to help young people develop and broaden their understanding of themselves and their place in the world.

Drama: Write a play about youth crime and punishment today. Which causes and effects would you choose to focus on?

Drama: Remove the narration, then write and add dialogue of your own.

English / History (Home Front): Write point of view based accounts of the actions depicted in this film. Or write a letter from Duncan's mum to his dad in the army explaining what happened.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-047-C
Resource Rights Holder Crown Copyright licensed by National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 0291
Date World War II (The Home Front)
Genre Documentary, Drama Documentary, Educational, Sponsored, Women Filmmakers
School Subject Media Studies, English, Modern Studies, History, Drama, Physical Education
Subject Matter Crime, Citizenship
Who Budge Cooper (director), MOI for the Scottish Education Department (sponsor), Paul Rotha Productions (production company)
Where Dundee
Event World War II
Attributes Black and White, Sound
Clip Length 4:03
Film Length 30:00