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Busman's Holiday (clip 1)

A bus driver's holiday by coach around Scotland

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First part of a sponsored documentary that sees a Galloway coach driver take a 'busman's holiday' around Scotland touching on the different industries which are important on the way. This first clip begins at a Falkirk coachworks with construction of buses with shots of welding, riveting, panel beating, assembly, upholstery, painting and spraying. Finished buses leave the station. Ian Mackenzie drives his bus stopping to pick up passengers and then arriving at Dumfries. Shots of Mr Mackenzie's conductress at Dumfries. General shots of the beginning of the tour at St Andrew's Square, Edinburgh. Passengers embark on coach tour including two young secretaries. The coach travels down the side of Loch Lomond where the tour stops. Shots of passengers on the bus. The Tanker terminal at Finnart and the refinery at Grangemouth. The coach stops at Glencoe and a piper stands playing in the gorge. On to Fort William with shots of snow-covered Ben Nevis and the Spean Bridge Commando Memorial. Fort Augustus Abbey and grounds and Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness.

Questions & Activities


  • Why are the coach factory workers not wearing ear muffs?
  • What is significant about bus holidays in 1959?
  • Why is the tankers terminal located in Loch Finnart?
  • Why was the Duke of Cumberland known as 'Butcher' Cumberland?
  • What places of interest can you name in Scotland?


Business Studies: List examples of product placement in this film. Discuss why this film was made and who sponsored it. Research how significant the growth of road travel to the development of tourism in Scotland. List other possible sponsors, how would this alter the route.

Geography / English / ICT: Trace the route these tourists took and design the itinerary your own virtual bus tour of Scotland. Where would you take tourists and how would you explain the history? Create your own poster or website for the tour.

Media Studies: Using extracts of locations from this film and stills from the Internet film a presenter link to promote a visit to the locations mentioned.

Geography / Transport: Research what other methods of travel you can use to travel around Scotland. Compare whether these other modes of transport would be as effective as a coach.

Geography / Maths: Plot on a map the places visited in this film and calculate how many miles are travelled and how long it might take to travel from one location to another using an average speed of the coach of 50 miles per hour.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-053-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 0345
Date 1959
Genre Documentary, Sponsored
School Subject Geography, History, Media Studies, Social History
Subject Matter Journeys
Who Anglo Scottish Pictures (production company), Eddie Earp (director), Films of Scotland, Shell-Mex, BP Ltd and Scottish Omnibuses Ltd (sponsors), Jim Goding (director)
Where Dumfries (Bus Station), Edinburgh (Coach Station), Falkirk (coachworks), Finnart, Fort William, Galloway, Loch Lomond
Event Holidays, Bus, Oil
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 10:18
Film Length 21:19
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