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Tomorrow Is Yours

A film about Co-op retailers, factories and products

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A promotional film to highlight the different types of Co-op retail outlets, including their self service shops and mobile shopping vans. The film also looks at Co-op factories and their products. A woman shopping in the Co-op self-service shop. Shots of Glasgow south Co-op, Lennoxtown Friendly Victualling Society Limited and a mobile shopping van. Description of the relationship between the Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society (SCWS) retail societies and shops and the dividend system. Shots of SCWS building in Glasgow's Morrison Street and shots of the warehouses nearby. The hoisery factory at Shieldhall. Knitting machines and samples of products. The SCWS cigarette factory at Shieldhall. Bale of tobacco leaf placed in conditioning machine. Cutting and shredding machine, cigarette making machine and counting and packing machine. The shoe factory at Shieldhall. Cutting out and fixing uppers. Soles are cemented on and the edges polished and waterproofed. Shoes are packed. SCWS products on display in showroom. Furniture showroom. Clothes being modelled. Shoe showroom. Co-op shop.

Questions & Activities


  • Why was the Co-op shop helpful to housewives?
  • Who owns the co-operative society?
  • Where can you buy co-op products?
  • What are the benefits of the co-operative?
  • What is the dividend? Can you think of its modern equivalent?
  • What is being made in the Co-operative factories and what products can you buy?
  • How does the Co-operative Society benefit its members?


English / Social History: List the products that are available at the Co-op shop. Find out whether the Co-op still has its own brand of products today and what these are.

Social History / Enterprise: Research the history of the Lennoxtown Co-operative and what a 'victualling society' was.

History: Find out if the Morrison Street Co-operative building still exists and what it is used for today. Why do you think this is?

Health and Wellbeing: Find out why the Co-operative Society promoted the sale of cigarettes in 1961 and why they are not advertised today. Find out whether the Co-operative still make cigarettes today.

Modern Studies / Enterprise: The co-operative used to sell shoes and furniture. Find out what products the Co-operative still offer today and speculate reasons for why they no longer sell these products. Look at competition and other factors affecting both production and retail. Compare the products that the Co-operative used to offer with those now on sale at supermarkets like Asda and Tesco. What are the similarities and differences? Why do you think the products in these supermarkets can make a profit?

Art and Design / Media Studies: Design a campaign to promote the Co-op products.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-093-C
Resource Rights Holder By kind permission of The Co-operative Group Limited
Project Ref 0617
Date 1961c
Genre Promotional
School Subject Modern Studies, Social History, Health and Wellbeing, Art and Design
Subject Matter Enterprise
Who Gate Films (production company), Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society (co-operative)
Where Glasgow, Shieldhall
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 13:34
Film Length 13:34