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Will Ye No Come Back (clip 2)

Emigrants to Australia talk about settling into a new country

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This television documentary looks at two Scots families who have emigrated to Australia recording differing views and experiences of emigration.
This clip features an immigrant at the place of work; the Church Immigration Officer talks about immigrants and their acceptance by the Australian people. The wife talks about the poor conditions in the camp and an officer describes how he settled in. The group take a cruise around Sydney harbour on a steam ferry and we see shots of the bridge, Opera House and a hyrdrofoil. The first immigrant family recommends that the new arrivals forget about 'home' until they settle in. Shots of the second immigrant family as they collect a letter from home from 'Leightonfield North' camp post office. The Immigration Officer talks about the loneliness that the new arrivals face. A poster for a Ceilidh. Shots of the Scottish Choral Society performing.

Questions & Activities


  • When was Sydney Opera House Built? What building in Scotland is often compared to it?
  • What is said to be the cure for loneliness?
  • Why are the church involved in immigration?
  • What contrasting visions of Australia are provided in this film?


PSE / RME / Social Studies / History (Immigrants and Exiles) / Geography / Modern Studies / Citizenship: Look at migration as a whole school theme.

Social History / Geography: Explore the experience of new immigrants and discuss why they have a tendency to stick together in specific areas.

Social History / Geography: Debate the benefits and problems that immigration and emigration create.

RME: Find out what the church's role was in emigration and immigration to Australia. Is the church still involved today?

History: Try to identify the number of immigrants in your own family over the last two hundred years.

Media Studies / Moving Image Education: Split into small groups and using films from this website and your own interview footage make short films exploring different aspects of the subject.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-133-C
Resource Rights Holder Courtesy of Scottish Television
Project Ref 0802
Date 1968
Genre TV Documentary
School Subject Social History, Geography, International Studies
Subject Matter Emigration
Who Bruce McDonald (camera assistant), Edward Joffe (producer), Grampian Television (broadcaster), Jack Bellamy (photography), Ken Hammond (sound recording)
Where Australia
Event Emigration
Attributes Black and White, Sound
Clip Length 5:41
Film Length 28:11