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Wick Shopping Week (clip)

A primary school sports day and some views of Wick from 1933

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The film opens on a boat coming into Wick harbour and we get an impression of how busy the harbour is. A brief view of the town is given, with a panning shot looking over Bridge Street toward the mouth of the river. From there the film moves to the sports day of North School. We first see a procession of children carrying standards and instruments. We see footage of the crowd interspaced between some of the events, such as highland dancing, high jump and the sack race. A mixture of close and wide shots pick out individuals and the crowd as a whole.

Questions & Activities


  • Why do you think it was called a "€œshopping week"?
  • What can you tell about Wick from the opening sequence?
  • What is significance of the date of 21 June in the calendar?
  • What is the relevance of the swords in Highland dancing?
  • What activities can you see taking place?


History / Sport / Health: Research traditional Scottish school sports activities and then create your own new school sport.

Social History: Research the different names of festivals around Scotland. How do they distinguish themselves from each other?.

Enterprise / Business / Art and Design: Organise your own 1930s sports day with all the traditional events. Design your own flyers, posters and banners to market the event.

Art and Design: Create your own standard - design an emblem to go on top of it.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-171-C
Resource Rights Holder By kind permission of The Wick Society
Project Ref 1228A
Date 1933
Genre Local Topical
School Subject Art and Design, Social Studies, Health and Wellbeing
Subject Matter Enterprise, Business, Sport
Who Pavilion Cinema, Wick
Where Wick
Attributes Black and White, Silent
Clip Length 3:12
Film Length 03:50