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Laying Foundation Stone - Kirkintilloch Parish Church

Masonic ceremony from 1913

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A local topical film from 1913 about a key event in the town's history. The original film was found in the local minister's roll top desk in the vestry of the church on clearing up after a fire. The film features the laying of the foundation Stone at Kirkintilloch Parish Church by members of the Masonic Order on 8 August 1913. A variety of fascinating shots include: a train bringing visitors and dignitaries to the town, crowds gathering, a brass band leads the parade towards the parish church followed by members of the Masonic Order. This is followed by medium close shots of the laying of the memorial stone in Kirkintilloch Parish Church by the Marquis of Tullibardine.

Questions & Activities


  • Who are the Masons?
  • What does this film tell us about the importance of religion in Scotland a century ago?
  • Who is the Marquis of Tullibardine?
  • What is the difference between a Baron, an Earl, a Marquis and a duke?
  • What percentage of Scotland is still owned by the aristocracy?
  • Who do you think is the intended audience for this film?


English / Local History: Work in teams to write your own narration and add your own soundscape. Think carefully about how you might best establish the time and place and communicate the excitement and other emotions of the day.

Local History: Research and create a timeline of changes to your town since this film was made.

History: Research the history of the aristocracy in Scotland. Who they are, where they come from and how they gained their land.

Social History / RME: Research the Masonic Order, their origins, views and standpoints. Can the Masons be considered a religious organisation?

Social History: Find out the significance of laying foundation stones. Why was a ceremony carried out and why was this important for the local community?

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-191-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 1374
Date 1913 (8 August)
Genre Local Topical
School Subject Religious and Moral Education, History, Social Studies
Subject Matter Local History
Who Gaumont (production company), Marquis of Tullibardine (dignitary)
Where Kirkintilloch
Event Religious
Attributes Black and White, Silent
Clip Length 3:50
Film Length 3:50