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Earl Haig Unveils Peebles War Memorial

Unveiling of World War I War Memorial

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Earl Haig unveils Peebles War Memorial and lays a wreath after inspecting a parade of war veterans. Crowds line the streets to watch the pipes and drums lead the parade of veterans. Shots include a background shot of a film cameraman filming the proceedings on hand-cranked camera. Views of the ceremony of unveiling at war memorial, which is draped with a Union Jack flag. Earl Haig is accompanied by the Provost and civic officials, he unveils the memorial and lays a wreath. Close-up shots of Earl Haig and officers. Views of the Pipers playing and shots from above of the assembled crowds and guard of honour as Earl Haig and his party emerge from doorway and onto podium in front of High Street building. Crowds line streets to watch pipes and drums lead the parade of veterans. The film ends with shots of the speeches.

Questions & Activities


  • Why was a war memorial important in the town?
  • Who was Earl Haig and what was his role in World War I?
  • Why is the poppy used in remembrance?
  • Where does the money go raised by buying a poppy?
  • How does Germany remember their war dead?


History / Home Front: Research the impact that the casualties of war might have on a small community? (eg. employment, women).

History / Home Front / Media Studies: Contrast this film with Scottish Troops for the front. What are the differences and similarities. Why do think this is?

History / Home Front: There are Armistice Marches every year. Research why is this and what might you experience at an Armistice Day event. Visit your local war memorial - count the number of names and see if you recognise any.

History: The film presents a positive picture of war veterans when the reality was that many were infirm as a resut of the war. Why do you think that they were not included in the film?

History: Research Earl Haig and what role he played in World War I. Find out why the poppy foundation was originally named after Earl Haig.

History / Remembrance Sunday: From your local War Memorial, research how many people died from your school and town. Look at the Poppy Scotland, website for further information on Remembrance and Armistice Day.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-197-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 1475
Date 1922 (5 October)
Genre Local Topical
Who Playhouse Cinema, Peebles (sponsor)
Where Peebles
Event Unveiling war memorial
Attributes Black and White, Silent
Clip Length 5:14
Film Length 05:14