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Enchanted Isles (clip 1)

The route to the Hebrides taken by Bonnie Prince Charlie

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Landscape shots of the Enchanted Isles, with overlaid credits. There are shots of Oban, and then a steamer which we see leaving the dock. Crowds line the sides of the ship as it travels out into the water, passed reefs and rocks. Passengers then dock in a small launch on Iona (St Columba's Isle). There are shots of the island, including St Margaret's Nunnery and views out over the sound. We see a celtic cross in the Abbey grounds. The boat passes Seil Island with Atlantic Seals basking and entering the water as the steamer passes. We then see the rock formations at Fingal's Cave on Staffa with details of the honeycomb rock formations. The boat arrives at Tobermory. Two young boys head to the burn to fish with a tin of worms. Highland cattle chew the cud. The steamer lands at Tiree, and there is detail of a wrecked boat and some shots over the island. A man strikes the Ringing Stone with a pebble. Go to clip 2 of this film.

Questions & Activities


  • Where are the Enchanted Isles? Can you name them?
  • Who was St Columba and when did he live? Why did he found a settlement on Iona?
  • What famous kings were buried on Iona?
  • Which Spanish Galleon sank off Tobermory and when?
  • Who were Duncan and Macbeth?
  • In what ways do you think the lives of children in the Hebrides differ from those in the cities?


English / Geography: List the islands which make up the Enchanted Isles and plot them on a map. Plan a journey by ferries around the Hebrides today. Look at which places would you want to visit and how you would you get there.

Art / Geography: Create a tourist information leaflet encouraging people to visit the Hebrides.

RME: Research the Iona Community. What are their aims and purposes and what activities do they carry out today. Look at the other films on this site about the Iona Community (e.g. A Sermon in Stone (clip 1) and A Sermon in Stone (clip 2)).

Social Studies / History: Research Dr Johnson and his significance to us today.

Music / English / Art: Felix Mendelssohn was inspired by the interior of Fingal'€™s Cave. Find a place that inspires you and write a poem, piece of music, creative writing or painting to reflect this.

Geography: Research how the island of Staffa and Fingal'€™s Cave were geologically formed.

Geography / Social Studies: Discuss the pace of modern life and why a visit to the Hebrides is still considered relaxing.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-239-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 1943
Date 1957
Genre Sponsored, Documentary
School Subject History, Music, Art and Design, Technologies, Health and Wellbeing, English, Social Studies, Geography
Subject Matter Food
Who Anglo Scottish Pictures Ltd. (production company), David MacBrayne Ltd. (sponsor), Films of Scotland (sponsor)
Where Inner Hebrides, Iona, Oban, Seil Island, Staffa, Tiree, Tobermory
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 7:50
Film Length 16:48
References .