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By Lochaber I Will Go

Banking and traditional industries in Lochaber and Isle of Lewis

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This sponsored documentary records the travelling bank in Lochaber and the Isle of Lewis including the local traditional industries which are supported by the travelling bank services. Shots include fishing at Loch Shiel, the Jacobite monument at Glenfinnan, Commando momument at Spean Bridge. We see the Caledonian Canal, Great Glen cattle ranch and cattle sale near Fort William. Foresters at the Glen Righ forest, Lochy and the River Spey. Shots of the National Bank of Scotland travelling bank on the Corran ferry. Two men talk in a bus shelter. General shots of Stornoway/Lewis including fishing, spinning wheel. Local bus delivering parcels to a crofter, fisherman stops the travelling bank. Crofter loading Harris tweed onto lorry and receiving payment through the travelling bank. People queuing at the travelling bank. Various shots of the travelling bank on the road. Crofters dig and stack peat and local people wait for the bank. Standing stones at Callanish and various Highland scenery.

Questions & Activities


  • What picture of the Highlands of Scotland does this present?
  • Are there any problems with this?
  • Who is doing the talking in the film?
  • Who is telling the story?
  • Whose story is it?
  • What was peat used for?
  • What other industries are located in the Highlands?


Business / English / Media Studis: Compare and contrast with today'€™s Royal Bank of Scotland travelling bank advertising.

Media Studies / Business: Repurpose the film to make your own advert for the travelling bank.

English / Media Studies: Look at how the characters in the film are portrayed. Discuss how Scots are represented in the film and compare this with how they are represented in films today.

Business / Maths: Research how the travelling bank worked with the credit note system.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-263-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 2202
Date 1960
Genre Sponsored, Documentary, Promotional
School Subject Mathematics, Media Studies, English
Subject Matter Business
Who Anglo Scottish Pictures Limited (production company), David Paltenghi (director), Films of Scotland and the National Commercial Bank of Scotland (sponsors)
Where Fort William, Harris, Lewis, Stornoway
Event Banking, Traditional Industries
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 12:04
Film Length 12:04