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The Silver City (clip 1)

Promotional film, encouraging people to visit Aberdeen

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In this film we see aerial shots of Aberdeen's harbour and the city. The arrival of visitors by air, sea and land are all charted, the film following them during their visit to the city. Holidaymakers are shown at the beach at rest and play with a wreck upon the beach reimagined as a vessel at sea. Dockwork is highlighted as we see the arrival of boats and unloading of their cargo. Trawlers returning from the North Sea are shown unloading their catch for sale in the fishmarket. The recreation available in the city is featured, with draughtsboards and boating in the parks, and golf and cricket around the city. This leisure is contrasted with the work involved in quarrying the granite which gives Aberdeen it's distinctive appearance. The clip ends with shots of Marischal College and the Kirk of St Nicholas.

Questions & Activities


  • How many changes in society have there been since the film was made?
  • Why do you think there is no litter on the streets?
  • Why is there so much litter today?
  • By what other name is Aberdeen known?
  • What is the modern equivalent of a coat of arms?
  • What does it mean to play the green goosebury?
  • Where would people be flying from to Aberdeen?


Media Studies / Tourism / Business: Consider how you would choose to encourage people to visit your local area. Produce a storyboard/script/film to promote tourism.

History: Research the importance of heraldic practices in the past. Investigate why Aberdeen's coat of arms features two Leopards and what this represents. Find out about your local town's coat of arms and why it is significance.

Art and Design: Research and design your own crest for your school, village, town.

Media Studies: Recut the film as a modern advertising film.

English: Create your own idiom.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-283-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland and with kind permission of Aberdeen Council
Project Ref 2225
Date 1957
Genre Promotional Documentary
School Subject English, Media Studies, History, Art and Design
Subject Matter Tourism, Business
Who Aberdeen Corporation (sponsor), Anglo Scottish Pictures (production company), Films of Scotland (sponsor), Henry Cooper (director)
Where Aberdeen
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 10:51
Film Length 19:58