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The Silver City (clip 2)

Promotional film, showcasing Aberdeen and the Dee Valley

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The film continues, showing the architecture and surrounding countryside of Aberdeen. The old fishing village area of Footdee appears as does Wallace, or Beholm's Tower, in it's original site in the Netherkirkgate. Further historic buildings are presented, including Provost Skeen's House, King's College in the Old Town as well as the Old Town House and St Machar's Cathedral. A variety of views of the Brig o' Balgownie close this section, as the film turns its focus toward the Dee Valley. Out in the countryside we see people cycling, fishing and picknicking. Cattle are featured, with a focus on the Aberdeen Angus and Highland breeds. Braemar Castle's exterior is shown, before the film visits Crathes Castle, which is seen both inside and out. Footage of dancing and competition at a Highland Games - with the Royal Family in attendance - links the film back into the city. Aberdeen FC are shown in a game at Pittodrie, which is followed by a scene in the Beach Ballroom. The film closes on a variety of shots of Aberdeen at sunset.

Questions & Activities


  • Who was the film made to attract and why?
  • What different types of entertainment can you see in the film?
  • Why is Aberdeen Angus so popular? How many different breeds of cattle do you know?
  • What are the qualities of different breeds and why is this?
  • What are the main controversies created by modern breeding techniques?
  • Why do bells feature on the soundtrack throughout this film?
  • Who is the "€˜Cock o'€™ the North' and what is his function?
  • What kind of entertainment could you see at the Beach Ballroom?
  • What is the purpose of towns sponsoring commercial films and can you think of any current examples?


Geography / Environmental Studies: What is meant by the term breeding and how important was it to the agricultural revolution? What is the modern agricultural revolution?

Science / Biology: What are the main controversies created by modern breeding techniques?

Environmental Studies / Geography: Research the cattle markets - where are they located and what is their purpose?

Media Studies / Business: Recut this film as a short advertisement for Aberdeen.

Media Studies / English: Choose a character to follow in the film. Storyboard what this character does and what they visit.

History / English / Media Studies: Select 10 still images from the film and explain why you have chosen them to show the differences between then and now

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-285-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland and with kind permission of Aberdeen Council
Project Ref 2225
Date 1957
Genre Promotional Documentary
School Subject Environmental Studies, English, Media Studies, History, Geography
Who Aberdeen Corporation (sponsor), Anglo Scottish Pictures (production company), Films of Scotland (sponsor), Henry Cooper (director)
Where Aberdeen, Braemar Castle, Crathes Castle
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 9:07
Film Length 19:58