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Dunfermline (clip)

A look at the historic town of Dumfermline, past and present

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We see the city scape, and there are shots of the town streets. There is then footage of new industries thriving in the city - there are shots inside the factories, with many close-ups of machines and people at work in the electrical and linen industries and at a bottling plant. We then have an extended montage of various working machinery. Workers leave the factories. There is a montage of leisure activities - young fans attend a gig by Dunfermline rock group Nazareth; we see a football match, Dunfermline Athletic v. Glasgow Rangers; uniformed schoolchildren sing in a choir; there is a clip of a club rugby match to upbeat music; we see a theatrical rehersal; a brass band practices; there is a local amateur football match; girls go to ballet class.

Questions & Activities


  • When was Dunfermline the capital of Scotland?
  • What is Dunfermline famous for today?
  • What type of image do the filmmakers want to portray of Dunfermline?
  • Who was Moira Shearer?


Music / Media Studies / Social Studies: Make a piece of music inspired by the industrial sounds from the film, then re-cut the footage to your own music.

Art and Design / Media Studies: This film focus a great deal on the sporting and cultural life of Dunfermline. Discuss the notable patterns and rhythms to the film narrative. Discuss the messages this clip conveys about the town which are not carried in the narration.

Media Studies / Geography / Social Studies: Plan a new film about Dunfermline today and select the locations and activities you wish to feature.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-295-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 2267
Date 1974
Genre Documentary, Sponsored, Promotional
School Subject Geography, History, Media Studies, Social Studies
Who Don White (commentator), Films of Scotland (sponsor), Mark Littlewood (camera), Mike Alexander (director), Nazareth (music, rock group), Pelicula Films (production company), Royal Burgh of Dunfermline (sponsor)
Where Dunfermline
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 6:07
Film Length 19:45