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Life in the Scottish Highlands: Population and Social Problems (clip 2)

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Second clip from this educational documentary looking at depopulation and social problems of the seven crofting counties of Scotland in the late 1960s. This clip focusses on some of the new industries that offer hope for the Highlands. Notable images in this clip, include shots of: B&B's, tourist attractions in the area, skiing, shinty, Pitlochry Festival theatre, craft shops, Mallaig harbour, Brora coal pit, glass works at Wick, Inshriach Nursery, reclamation of land, farming, Dounreay power plant, and Invergordon.

Questions & Activities


  • What is an educational documentary?
  • Who would have seen this film?
  • What are the different things being done to improve the Highlands?
  • What are the main objections to tourism mentioned in this clip?
  • What similarities and differences can be seen between cars, fashion and signage from this film and those of today?


Social Studies: Stage a debate on the best use of the Highlands - one group for tourism, one group for industry, one group for farming.

Media Studies: Write a new voiceover for the film from the point of view of a native of the Scottish Highlands.

Media Studies: Make a modern educational documentary looking at the economic and social problems facing the Highlands today and discussing what is being done to try and counter these.

Art Design: Note all the similarities and differences in style and fashion featured in the film (e.g. cars, clothes, signage).

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-305-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 2318
Date 1968
Genre Documentary, Educational
School Subject Social Studies, Expressive Arts, Art and Design, Geography
Subject Matter Rivers and Coasts, Highland Clearances
Who EFS (Educational Films of Scotland), (sponsor), Michael Elder (narrator), SEFA (Lanarkshire Group), (production company)
Where Aviemore, Brora coal pit, Dounreay, Inshriach, Invergordon, John O' Groats, Lewis, Loch Ness, Mallaig, Pitlochry, Rest and be thankfull, Skye, Wick
Event Depopulation, Agricultural
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 9:39
Film Length 20:38