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Isle of Rhum (clip)

The history and geography of this wind swept island in the Inner Hebrides

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A study of the animal and plant life on the island of Rhum and a history of the island's Kinloch Castle. The clip features activities such as deer-stalking with Rhum ponies and the work of the Nature Conservancy wardens in protecting the natural heritage of the island. It also talks about Sir George Bullough, the wealthy Victorian industrialist who built Kinloch Castle on the island between 1897 and 1900.

Questions & Activities


  • Where is the Isle of Rhum?
  • What is a laird?
  • Why did aristocratic people put animal heads on the walls?
  • What are lazybeds?
  • Who was Sir George Bullough and how did he make his money?
  • What was diptheria and what other diseases were prevalent at the time?


Geography: Find the Island of Rhum on a map.

Maths / Geography: Rhum has 120 inches of rain in a year. How is rain measured? Convert 120 inches into a metric measurement.

History / Geography: Research why people left Rhum and why they were replaced by sheep.

Music: Find out how a pianola works and what would be its equivalent in modern technology?

Health and Wellbeing: How does being a member of an isolated community affect your immunity to diseases? Discuss immunity and how diseases spread. What are the particular health issues for isolated communities?

Social History: Research who were the sporting lairds and how they transformed the Highlands and Islands during the Victoria period. Were they a benefit to the land?

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-329-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 2587
Date 1900 (Kinloch Castle completed)1970 (filmed)
Genre Documentary, Sponsored
School Subject Geography, History, Social History, Health and Wellbeing, Music, Mathematics
Subject Matter Rivers and Coasts, The Victorians
Who Christopher Mylne (filmmaker), Films of Scotland (sponsor), Ogam Films (production company for Kinloch Castle section), Sir George Bullough (industrialist)
Where Isle of Rhum
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 8:55
Film Length 30:00