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Visit of King George and Queen Elizabeth to Dundee (clip)

A Royal visit to wartime Tayside

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Visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to a Jute factory and the Civil Defence force of Dundee in 1941. The Royal party tour a factory to an excited reception of workers. The King and Queen meet with workers and are shown being guided around the machinery. As the group leave the factory, they step into a series of cars and are driven off before a crowd. Members of the public are shown lining the street, some waving flags. A large gathering of the Civil Defence Force and members of the public is shown assembled in a City Square. Upon the arrival of the royal party, the King and Queen are shown meeting with uniformed men and women.

Questions & Activities


  • Why do you think the King and Queen visited the Jute factory? Why was this important during the war?
  • Why are there so few men featured in the film?
  • Who do you think made this film and why?
  • What is jute and what is it used for?


Media Studies: Download the film and add a voiceover to make the film work as a newsreel item.

English: Complete a piece of experiential writing as one of the children in the crowd, recording your thoughts and feelings about the events of the day.

Media Studies: Compare how the Royal Family is portrayed in the media today compared to in this film.

Art Design: Note all the similarities and differences in style and fashion featured in the film (e.g. cars, clothes, signage) and compare them with today.

Enterprise: Investigate what industries were important in your own town. Compile a report on how work and industry has changed in the place you live.

History: Using the library and the internet, investigate the story of King George. Why did he come to sit on the throne and what were the significant events of his reign? What is his historical and cultural legacy? If appropriate, watch the film 'The King's Speech'.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-385-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 3362
Date 1941
Genre Amateur
School Subject English, Expressive Arts, Social Studies, Art and Design, Business Studies, History, Media Studies
Who King George VIQueen Elizabeth
Where Dundee
Event Royal Visit, Traditional Industries, Jute
Attributes Black and White, Silent
Clip Length 7:02
Film Length 16:40