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Pitlochry Welcomes You

A humorous look at industry within the town

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The film begins with shots from around the town of Pitlochry, with a prominent stag. We also see footage of work in a tweed factory. The hydroelectric dam of the river Tummel is featured, and we see a man fishing downriver of it. One of the films fictive sections follows with a fisherman careful to cut out his boasting in earshot of a minister. We join a visit paid to Blair Atholl distillery by a man keen for a drink. We see some some workers amongst the whisky stills. Street scenes of Pitlochry follow and we see a group of women shopping. Together with some children they visit the Pitlochry Tweeds store. Meanwhile the distillery visitor heads around town looking for a bar, eventually finding one in the Strathgarry Hotel. Some of the women head on to the Pitlochry Festival Theatre. They decide against joining a queue for tickets and instead opt for tea in the garden. The queue shrinks as the women sip tea. They rejoin the queue too late to learn all tickets have been sold. Back at the hotel bar the effects of so much drinking are beginning to take its toll. By turn each of the other patrons gain stag's heads. Finally, the barman too morphs before refusing the visitor's payment. The visitor staggers off, all smiles.

Questions & Activities


  • Would you like to go to Piltochry?
  • Is this the kind of film you were expecting?
  • Is this a realistic impression of Pitlochry?
  • What kind of film do you think this is?
  • What is Pitlochry famous for from watching the film?
  • Why do fishermen lie about the size of their catch?
  • Is this film supposed to be a comedy?
  • What is Pitlochry famous for today?


Music / Media Sutides: Use the end sequence to make a music video.

Media Studies: Consider how the use of music reflects the different stages of the film.

Media Studies / English: Critique the narrative. What puzzles you about the film, what surprises, patterns and similarities can you spot in the film?

History / English: What other famous Scottish comedians or film stars can you think of?

Drama / Media Studies: How does the film use comedy? Try and identify the jokes in this film.

English / Media Studies: Separate the truth from the fiction in this film.

Media Studies: Create a comic send-up of your school or local area.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-423-C
Resource Rights Holder Courtesy of third party copyright holder
Project Ref 3812
Date 1958
Genre Amateur Documentary
School Subject Media Studies, English, Music, Drama, History
Who Frank Marshall (filmmaker)
Where Pitlochry
Attributes Black and White, Sound
Clip Length 8:56
Film Length 08:56