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Gourock Ropeworks New Lanark (clip 2)

Rope making processes at New Lanark

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Footage of work inside the Gourock Ropework Co. Ltd based at the New Lanark mills.
This clip features women operating machines which spool thread onto bobbins and looms producing fabric.

Questions & Activities


  • What are these machines doing?
  • Who are working the machines and why do you think this is?
  • What is the film not telling you about what it would be like to work there?
  • What were the dangers of working in this environment?


Art and Design: Pick a still image from the film chosen for the beauty of its composition. Explain why you chose this shot.

Technologies / Gender: Identify the various processes you can see and what the role of the women is in this mechanized industry.

History / Business: Investigate the activities of the Gourock Rope Works company and its various products. Is it still in business today? If not why not?

Health and Wellbeing / Technologies: Research health and safety issues within the textile industry and occupational illness related to this.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-461-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 5145
Date 1965
Genre Industrial, Documentary
Who Templar Film Studies (production company)
Where Gourock, New Lanark
Event Factory
Attributes Black and White, Silent
Clip Length 1:40
Film Length 03:12