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Street scenes from Falkirk, circa 1960

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We open on a busy commercial street scene. There are close-ups of New Market Street, the Corn Exchange, and Falkirk Auction Mart. We return to the busy streets, see a bus travel along, and window shoppers. There is then a shot of the clock tower, and another close-up of the New Market Street sign, the Corn Exchange, and then the bus depot. Passengers leave the bus. We see a scale model of a complex of buildings, perhaps a new shopping centre, probably planned to take the place of the streets we have seen so far in the clip. There are then shots of vehicles and pedestrians and then of Silver Row, the Roxy Theatre and a graveyard, before a shot of cars parked on some rough ground. The clip ends with a close-up on the sign for Horse Market Lane.

Questions & Activities


  • How busy are the streets?
  • What do the cars look like?
  • Where is Falkirk?
  • What adverts, shops and buildings can you spot?
  • What bus numbers can you see and where are they going?
  • How do you think the new plan/model might improve the area.
  • What can you find out from this clip?


English / Local History: Try to take photographs or digital video from exactly the same places depicted in the film and write or make a documentary incorporating both sets of footage to show how your town has changed in the intervening period. Discuss your thoughts and feelings about those changes.

History: Use Google Street View to compare the streets, people and cars to the film. Try and identify the street in the film. What do you notice?

English / Geography: Interview local people to find out how successful the new development / scale plan shown in the clip has been in reality. Note the pros and cons and present your findings.

History / Local History: Study the history, culture and heritage of your locality using census records, evictions, evidence of settlement, and local or traditional industries. Produce a report, presentation or film depicting your results.

Social Studies / Local History / English: Work in teams to write your own narration and add your own soundscape to this film.

Drama / Social History: Find out where the 'Roxy' was located and find out about its history.

Geography: Locate Falkirk on a map of Scotland and find out more about the area.

English: Spot the different kinds of shops and find out if these shops still exist today.

Technologies / History: Discuss the different kinds of cars you can see.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-471-C
Resource Rights Holder Third Party Copyright cleared by NLS
Project Ref 5495
Date 1960c
Genre TV News, Non-Fiction
School Subject Social Studies, History, Geography, Drama, English, Technologies
Subject Matter Local History
Who Templar Films (production company)
Where Falkirk
Attributes Black and White, Silent
Clip Length 2:51
Film Length 2:51