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Citizens in the Making (clip)

Halloween Games

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A Church of Scotland sponsored documentary about their work in orphanages across Scotland. This clip focuses on Halloween games. Shots of a decorated lantern made from a turnip with cut out nose, mouth, eyes and a candle inside. A Halloween cake. A boy tries to eat an apple hanging from a string. Two boys try dooking for apples (also known as dunking for apples or apple bobbing). Boys and girls trying to eat a treacle scone hanging from a string. The children laugh, their faces covered in treacle.

Questions & Activities


  • What is Halloween and what does the term Halloween mean?
  • What is the lantern made out of? Why do you think this is? What are Halloween lanterns usually made of?
  • What games are they playing?
  • What games / customs are held to celebrate Halloween today?
  • When do you think this film was made?
  • Where do you think this party is taking place?
  • Why is this film called "Citizens in the Making"?


Social History: Make a comparison list between the Halloween customs you see in the film and the customs we have for Halloween today.

History / International Studies: Research Halloween customs in Britain and America - what are the differences and similarities?

Art and Design: Design your own trick or treat costume / mask.

English: Write your own Halloween story.

Health and Wellbeing: Recreate the games in the film or design your own Halloween game.

English / Halloween: Look at local myths, legends or stories in your area and try to construct your own story, graphic novel or film about this.

Social History / Religious and Moral Education: Research the pagan belief system associated with Halloween and find out what other events feature in the pagan calendar. You could look at the origins of other festivals too e.g. Christmas, Easter, Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice etc.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-501-C
Resource Rights Holder By kind permission of The Church of Scotland
Project Ref 6115
Date 1961
Genre Documentary, Sponsored
School Subject History, Social History, International Studies, Health and Wellbeing, Religious and Moral Education, English
Who The Church of Scotland Committee on Social Service (sponsor)
Where Edinburgh
Event Halloween
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 1:29
Film Length 21:39