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England Vs Scotland 1967 (clip 1)

Opening of the famous 1967 football match between England and Scotland, played at Wembley

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The teams are introduced to the officials, and shake hands. The commentator talks through the line up. Play commences. Scotland wear dark shirts playing right to left, while England play in the traditional white. There is a vast crowd, which we hear cheering behind the commentary from Billy Wright. John Greig puts in a 'good, strong tackle' on Geoff Hurst, bringing him to the ground.

Questions & Activities


  • What was the score of the match?
  • Who won?
  • Why is football so important to Scotland and Scottish people?
  • How is football today different from the football of 1967?


Social Education: Investigate the history of Scotland/England rivalry and sectarianism. How does it manifest itself in culture and society (other than football)?

Media Studies: Add a new voice commentary from the point of view of a Scottish commentator.

PE / Home Economics: Design a fitness and diet plan for the football players.

Social Education: Complete a research project on the subject of national identity. How do sport, art and music project national identity?