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Jack's Shirt Factory East Kilbride

Partially completed TV news insert

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A look at the new factory and an interview with the owner about his plan for expansion. This footage includes clips of girls working in shirt factory; the reporter talking to camera outside the factory; and interviews with Alfred Litman, the factory owner.

Questions & Activities


  • Who do you think made this film and why?
  • Do the women look like they are enjoying working in this factory?
  • Why are all the girls working here so young?
  • Why are the staff not interviewed?


History: Complete a research project into the changing roles of women in British society.

Creative Writing: Write a story detailing a day in the life of one of the girls working at the factory.

Maths / Social Studies: Research whether £20 per week was a fair wage in 1973. Create a weekly living budget.

Social Studies: Research women'€™s employment rights in the 1970s. Did they get the same rights that modern women employees get (e.g. maternity leave)?

Art Design: Design a logo for Jack'€™s Shirt Factory.

Fashion / Design: Design one of Jack's shirts.

Social Studies / Enterprise: Write a job advert for a job at Jack'€™s Shirt Factory.

Enterprise: Write a personal CV as an applicant for a job at Jack's Shirt Factory.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-547-C
Resource Rights Holder Courtesy of Scottish Television
Project Ref T0955
Date 1973
Genre TV News
School Subject History, Mathematics, Social Studies, English, Art and Design, Expressive Arts
Subject Matter Textiles, Enterprise
Who Alfred Litman (interviewee), Sheila Duffy (reporter), STV (production company)
Where East Kilbride
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 3:55
Film Length 3:55