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Clearance '68 (clip 2)

Emigration from Scotland

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Documentary from the late 1960s discussing modern emigration from Scotland discussing the shift of emphasis from the traditional areas of migration - Australia, Canada - to England particularly London and Corby. This clip features the Registrar General talking about emigration figures and census returns. A Glasgow University Lecturer talks about the most popular countries to emigrate to - the largest amount of Scots relocating to England. Interview with removal manager discussing how the goods that people transport when emigrating has changed since the 1930s and shots of removal vans being loaded. Carnaby Street in London with various women being interviewed about their reasons for moving to London. Interview with John Stephen - a Glaswegian clothes designer who owned shops in Carnaby Street and was a leading figure during the Swinging Sixties. Stephen talks about the parochial attitude and sectarianism in Scotland.

Questions & Activities


  • How many people does the film suggest have left Scotland?
  • What is a national census?
  • What are the most popular countries to emigrate to and in what order?
  • Where have the most number of Scots gone to?
  • How has public record keeping changed over the years?
  • What is sectarianism?
  • What does it mean to be Scottish?
  • Migrants are referred to as male in these interviews. Why do you think this is and why where the women not mentioned?


Modern Studies / Maths: Research how much it might cost to emigrate to Canada. Create a budget for the move.

Social Studies: What are the similarities and differences in the ways different social classes are represented between clip 1 and clip 2.

Maths: Create an income and expenditure budget comparing living in London with living in your own town.

History: Research the economic and social impact of people migrating away from Scotland in the 1960s and 1970s.

Art Design / Fashion: Complete a research project highlighting the unique music, fashion and culture of the 1960s.

Media Studies: Construct a reality TV show around the idea of moving to another country. Pick the country of your choice and try to sell that country to the rest of the students in your class. Highlight the aspects of each culture that you value most.

Moving Image Education: The style of the narration in this film is very clipped and dogmatic. How have styles of narration changed between then and now? Record your own narration for the introduction to the film and insert it over the downloaded footage in Moviemaker or iMovie.

English / Music: Using the library and internet, research songs and poems written by ex-patriot Scots about their homeland.

Modern Studies / Politics / RME: Discuss how and to what extent sectarianism still exists in Scotland and suggest ways to combat it.