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Clearance '68 (clip 3)

Migration in the 1960s - Including interview with 1960s pop sensation Lulu!

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Documentary from the late 1960s discussing modern emigration from Scotland discussing the shift of emphasis from the traditional areas of migration - Australia, Canada - to England particularly London and Corby. This clip talks about Scottish migration to England. The English Mayor of Wandsworth in London wearing and kilt and discussing Scots in London. 1960s pop singer, Lulu, discusses leaving Scotland to move to England. Shots of the Houses of Parliament including Big Ben and the statue of Boudica next to Westminster Bridge. The Scots editor of the London Evening Standard talks about the Scots moving to London interspersed with John Stephen and Lulu talking about the reasons for moving to England. Various discussions about and what needs to be done to keep people in Scotland and why so many Scots are in London. Politics and devolution are discussed with various reasons for Scots moving to England and London stated. Shots of Corby in Northamptonshire where half the town are Scots - discussion around the steel industry that brought the Scots to Corby. End of Part One title with countdown clock before end credits.

Questions & Activities


  • What reasons are stated for Scots moving to England and in particular London?
  • What jobs are Scots doing in London?
  • Why would Scotland become a very distressed area if Scotland became separate from England?
  • Why does Scotland not have the opportunities that London/England offers?
  • What is Corby famous for and why did Scots move there?
  • What is devolution?


Debate: This house believes that Scotland should separate from the United Kingdom.

Modern Studies: Discuss the differences between being British and Scottish.

Politics / Modern Studies: The proposed Scottish Parliament is compared to a regional council in the south west of England. Find out whether this indeed the case by comparing the power and control of an English regional council and today's Scottish Government.

Modern Studies / Social Studies: Lulu states that there are not enough opportunities for people in Scotland. Research how things have changed since 1968 and what opportunities there are for people in Scotland today.

Social Studies: Stage a mock election in your school with different groups coming up with different political manifestos, promotional campaigns, party political broadcasts.

Social Studies / Modern Studies: Compile a Top 10 List of the best things that celebrate Scotland.

Social Studies / Modern Studies: Set up a GLOW meet between a city school and a rural school to compare notes about what it means to be Scottish.

RME / History: Research the challenges and issues of maintaining a faith in a foreign country.