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Concorde at Prestwick

Famous Supersonic Jet

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Concorde stops off at Prestwick airport as the crowds brave the rain to catch a glimpse of the famous aeroplane. The film shows Concorde coming into land as the crowds look on from the observation deck. A Boeing in BA livery also follows Concorde into land. The film then features shots of Concorde G-BSST on the runway with some activity beneath it as the crew depart the plane. The film ends with people looking on from observation deck in the rain and a small child being held up to pay binoculars mounted on the deck.

Questions & Activities


  • What was Concorde and what was so special about it?
  • Why was the plane named Concorde and what does this mean?
  • Whose needs was Concorde built for?
  • Where did Concorde fly to and from? How long did it take?
  • Why do you think it might have been at Prestwick Airport?
  • Would concorde be grounded today on environmental grounds? What about other planes?
  • What was it made of?
  • What controversies and disasters led to Concorde's grounding?


History / Aviation /Technologies: Research Concorde. Who built and developed it and why was it ultimately scrapped?

Geography / Maths: Find out how long it took to fly from London Heathrow Airport to JFK Airport in the USA or Charles de Guile Airport in France.

English / History: Create a timeline/presentation/film of flight from the very beginnings of flight.

Art and Design: Draw or paint a picture of Concorde.

History / Media Studies: Compare this film with the Inverness Airways film - discuss the differences and similarities.

Business / Enterprise: Concorde was subsided by the government. Why do you think this was?

Business / Enterprise / Technologies: Research different planes or forms of transport and make top trumps cards.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-002-571-C
Resource Rights Holder Courtesy of Scottish Television
Project Ref T1424
Date 1973
Genre TV News
School Subject History, Technologies, Media Studies, Mathematics, Art and Design, Geography
Subject Matter Business, Enterprise, Aviation
Who Scottish Television (production company)
Where Prestwick
Event Aeroplane landing
Attributes Colour, Silent
Clip Length 5:13
Film Length 05:13