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Beautiful Drima

Manufacture of "Drima" thread at Coats the Thread Makers

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A promotional film for Coats of Paisley presenting their synthetic thread "Drima". Throughout the film various shots present the manufacture of the thread and highlight the different colours and lengths produced. The film intends to show how "Drima" is superior to all other threads. Women across the world are presented at home using "Drima" on sewing machines to make and repair clothes. "Drima's" durability is emphasised in sections showing a couple boating and young girls playing in a playground. A race is held to demonstrate the length and compactness of threads of "Drima" and cotton on different spools.

Questions & Activities


  • What strikes you about the roles of women and men as portrayed in the film?
  • What jobs are the women doing? List them.
  • The film is about sewing thread and making clothes. Do you ever see adverts about this now? If not, why not?
  • What types of modern brands use domestic settings to sell their products?


Geography / Modern Studies: This cinema advert presents a product that is unlikely to be advertised in this way today. What does this say about changes in society in the last 40 years, our relationship to products and the kinds of products we buy? Think of the types of products you repair today. What is the environmental impact of our disposable culture? Discuss and debate whether this is a practice that can continue or whether this has been a positive change.

Modern Studies: Survey activity: Conduct a survey on many have a sewing machine at home and how many know someone with a sewing machine. Which shops do you get your clothes from and where are these made?

Gender / English: What does the film say about the role of women at this time? There is an interesting dramatic interlude in the middle of this promotional film. Discuss whether it is funny or sexist. Are there any ways you can decide when it is appropriate to make fun of a difference and when it is not?

Textiles: Research the history of Coats of Paisley. How important was this company to the development of the textile industry in Scotland? Research the rise and fall of the industry. Link this to the more general question of the rise and fall of the manufacturing industry in Scotland and the reasons for its decline.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-004-029-C
Resource Rights Holder Courtesy of Coats plc
Project Ref 0510
Date c.1975
Genre Promotional
School Subject Business Studies, Social Studies, Geography, Modern Studies, Gender Studies, English
Subject Matter Advertising, Literacy, Textiles
Who Coats The Thread Makers (sponsor), Douglas Ransom (photography), James Harpham (music), John Durst (producer), Michael Guest (editor), Rayant Pictures (production company), Ronald Dunkley (director, writer)
Where Paisley
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 11:58
Film Length 11:58