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Clyde Resort - An Introduction to Girvan

Girvan's potential as a holiday resort

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A promotional film introducing the character and facilities of Girvan. Opening on street scenes of Girvan we are shown 'Old Stumpy', the tower, formerly part of the Town Hall and the town jail. As the narrator describes Girvan's laid back, attractive qualities we see several sites around the town. From the Gardens of Remembrance we see bowling greens and then on to tennis courts. The golfing and boating opportunities offered are highlighted and we see many holidaymakers on sail and motor boats in the harbour. Children are shown on a carousel and sailing model yachts. There are shots of families at play on the putting green and building sandcastles and swimming at the beach. The working side of the harbour is shown with footage of the Lifeboat "Robert Lindsay", fertilizer being unloaded from a boat and fishing vessels returning to the harbour. The film ends with shots of the sunset over Aisla Craig and Girvan's harbour.

Questions & Activities


  • What recreations are available in Girvan?
  • What picture of life does the film present of Girvan in the late 1959?
  • What types of activities are the holidaymakers engaged in?
  • What type of holiday resort is Girvan trying to position itself as?
  • Where would those holidaymakers be more likely to go today?


History: Take photographs or record some film and make a portrait of Girvan then and now.

Geography / Economics: Research the fate of other Scottish coastal towns. How did the development of overseas travel effect these towns economically and socially?

Tourism / Travel / Geography: Design and create a tourist brochure about your town. Think about what you would need to include.

Music / Media Studies: Listen carefully to the music used in this film to convey the mood and tone of the piece. You could even listen to the soundtrack without looking at the images. What does the music remind you of? How does it make you feel? You could compose your own soundtrack for a film about your local town.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-004-059-C
Resource Rights Holder National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 1318
Date c.1959
Genre Promotional
School Subject Health and Wellbeing, Geography, Economics, History
Subject Matter Citizenship, Tourism, Travel
Who Anglo Scottish Pictures (production company)
Where Ailsa Craig, Girvan
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 9:09
Film Length 09:09