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Slains Castle

Slains Castle and the Golf Championship Tournament at Cruden Bay c.1914

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The film opens with a group in a rowing boat alongside cliffs on the Buchan coast. This boat then comes alongside a larger vessel from which a diver enters the water. Tinted footage follows of the rowing boat and the Tempion and Dunbuy Rocks. The the clip then shows further tinted footage, this time of the exteriors of New Slain Castle and the Cruden Bay Hotel. Some guests on the verandah are shown taking tea and smoking. The film moves on to show the Golf Championship Tournament at the Hotel. Spectators are shown leaving the hotel before we join the action on the course. The film follows two golfers as the play they course, with shots of teeing off and their putting. Wide shots of the course and crowd show Cruden Bay in the background. A closing shot shows the exterior of the hotel.

Questions & Activities


  • When was the film made and who by?
  • When might it have been shown?
  • What mood is created by the different coloured tint?
  • When was the first major golf championship in Scotland?


History: Research the history of Slains History. Why it was built? Who built it and why did it fall into disrepair? If you come from the area, why not make a film about the Castle and use this footage as part of your presentation.

Geography / Tourism: Research the importance of the railway in Scotland. Use films from this site 'Glasgow and the Clyde Coast', 'Dundee 1939', 'Railway Ride Over the Tay', 'Victorian Scotland', 'Farewell to Steam'.

Film History: Compare this film to 'Herring Harvest at Yarmouth'. Research why colour tints were used and how effective this was for an early cinema audience.

English: Write a story from a child's perspective of staying at Slains Castle and going to Golf championship.

History / English: 1914 was a pivotal year in world history, many of men featured in the film would go to fight in the First World War. Write a letter from one man home to his wife, describing his experiences on the front and remembering the last holiday they had.

English: Research what connections this castle has to Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' and why the reference to Slains Castle was changed to Whitby.

English: Research what part romanticism and Gothic novels played in the development of tourism in Scotland.

Sport / Tourism: Research how important Golf is to tourism in Scotland today. What are the pros and cons for the environment?

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-004-121-C
Project Ref 3007
Date c.1914
Genre Promotional
School Subject History, Geography, English
Subject Matter World War 1, Tourism, Leisure, Sport
Who Great North of Scotland Railway Co. (sponsor)
Where Cruden Bay
Event Tournament, First World War, WW1, World War 1
Attributes Black and White, Silent
Clip Length 8:10
Film Length 08:10