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Salmon from Scotland (clip)

Film promoting the qualities of Scottish Salmon

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The clip opens with studio footage of different presentations of salmon as an introduction. Footage from Henley Royal Regatta on the Thames follows. Diners are shown enjoying the fish. Various boating activities are shown such as punting and rowing.
Next we see rivers flowing, with salmon attempting to move back upstream. The narrator explains the importance of clean water to the industry in Scotland. We next join two anglers as they look over their flies. One is Ghillie Ian McLure, who we then see at the river Snizort in Skye. He advises his companion on fishing the river, before handing over the rod. Together they catch a salmon. The film then moves to the Skeabost Hotel where we see a salmon being prepared for cooking. Outside, at the river, we are given a description of the salmon’s journey to spawn. Commercial fishermen are shown hauling in nets, the camera focusing on the fish as they struggle on the shore. We are shown salmon farms. We see the cages and their surrounds in a series of aerial shots. The film captures the tanks containing young salmon as they are fed. The clip comes to a close as the young salmon are moved into seawater cages.

Questions & Activities


  • What makes Scottish salmon special, according to this film?
  • What does a Ghillie do?
  • Is salmon a delicacy?
  • What sort of documentary is this? Who was it made for?


Follow the instructions given to cook salmon. Are you happy with the results? How else can salmon be cooked?

Create a cookery programme which focuses on the history of Scottish salmon and ways to prepare it for eating.

Compare this film to 'Up-Stream'. What has changed since Up-Stream was made? What has changed since this film was made?

Research salmon farming. Debate the pros and cons of farmed salmon as opposed to wild salmon fishing.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-004-123-C
Project Ref 3095
Date c.1983
Genre Promotional Film
School Subject Social Studies, Health and Wellbeing
Subject Matter Literacy
Who Blackrod (production company), Bob Harvey (director), Jill Roach (producer), The Scottish Salmon Growers Association (sponsor)
Where River Snizort, River Thames, Skeabost
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 9:12
Film Length 25:27