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Weekend Joint (clip)

Guide and Scout camp

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Footage of joint camp between scouts and guides with added audio narration. We see a camp being set up, with tents erected by Guides and Scouts outside Lennoxlove House. Scout and Guide leaders assist in the organising of the camp. The following morning a Union Jack is raised. A group sets to building a bridge over the River Tyne. A younger group is then showing undertaking a challenge to move a bell over obstacles without it ringing. A further group is shown building a 'Luxemburger'. A lunch is prepared and work on the bridge and 'Luxumburgers' continues. As night draws in a large camp fire is lit and the attendees sing and we close on brief clips of some of the skits performed.

Questions & Activities


  • What does the title card suggest about the film?
  • What skills do you think the children learned from activities such as bell carrying and bridgebuilding?
  • What are the colours mentioned with the prayers in the film?
  • What is the significance of the flag ceremonies?
  • Why are they carrying a bell with string?
  • What is a Luxembourger? Why are they building it?
  • What was the River Kwai?


PSE / Health and Wellbeing: In the 1960s Girl Guides and Scouts were separate organisations. Today, girls are able to join the Scouts. Debate whether this is a good development or whether there was an advantage to having segregation.

English / PSE: List the type of skills and experiences young people gain from joining clubs and organisations. Find out how many of your classmates and / or parents have been involved in these types of organisations.

PSE: Tents used are called Icelandics. When did they first start being used and why do you think they are still used today, despite the development of more modern tents.

History: Research the history of the Scout and Guide Movements, when it was formed. What the connections are there to religion and Queen and Country?

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-004-171-C
Resource Rights Holder Courtesy of third party copyright holder.
Project Ref 6755
Date c.1965
Who Gosford Films (Production Compnay)
Where Lennoxlove House, River Tyne
Attributes Colour, Sound
Clip Length 11:01
Film Length 18:33