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A Dream Come True (clip)

A child dreams of meeting Santa

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This clip shows a scene in which a boy named Peter has a dream in which he meets Santa (Father Christmas). Santa shows him a number of toys and Peter chooses his favourite, a trumpet. Peter wakes up at home to find the trumpet in his stocking.

Questions & Activities


  • The film is silent. What do you think Santa is saying?
  • How many different toys can you see? What materials do you think they are made from?
  • Do you think the toys look more or less fun than the toys we play with today? Why?
  • What about this scene makes it look Christmassy? Think about setting, scenery, colour and props.
  • How many different shots are in this scene? Why do you think the filmmaker decided to cut this film in this way?


Make a list of all the toys that appear in the film clip and write down what you think they are made from. Sort the toys into headings according to the materials used in their manufacture (e.g. Metal / Plastic / Wool)

Research popular toys through the decades. Use this activity sheet to help you.

Make a presentation about toys that were popular when this film was made (1950s)

Investigate ways to make toys move. Look at wind-up or spinning toys. Can you make your own?

Add appropriate sound effects, speech or music to the film clip.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-006-003-C
Resource Rights Holder Third Party Copyright Holder licensed by National Library of Scotland
Project Ref 3892
Date 1953
Genre Amateur
School Subject Expressive Arts, Sciences, Social Sciences, Technologies
Subject Matter Literacy, Christmas, Santa, Father Christmas, Toys, Grotto, Dream
Who T.H. Thoms
Event Christmas
Attributes 16mm, Colour, Silent
Clip Length 3:32
Film Length 9:06