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Teddy Taylor and the Cathcart Tories - clip

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T.V. Documentary featuring the election campaign of Teddy Taylor and the organisation of the 'Cathcart Tories'. Includes vox pops from Cathcart locals and from the new Castlemilk estate. In this clip we see a number of people interviewed on their views of the Conservative campaign in Cathcart, referred to as a 'marginal seat'. Teddy Taylor answers criticisms about using children in his party’s campaign in the area, and we see local children marching with campaign placards.

Questions & Activities


  • Do you think this programme is made to put across a particular viewpoint or is it attempting to be impartial?
  • What is a marginal seat? Research where these are in your community and why these are regarded as important during elections.
  • Who was Enoch Powell and why were his views controversial?
  • Discuss the involvement of children in political campaigns. Are children used to put a message across or are they active participants in democracy?


Research children's rights and hold a debate on whether or not children should be involved in political campaigning.

Design and film your own political campaign video.

Do people vote for parties or individuals? Make a documentary film asking people for their views on this topic.

Clip Details

Record Id 007-000-008-029-C
Resource Rights Holder Courtesy of Scottish Television
Project Ref T0755
Date 1974
Genre Documentary
School Subject Social Studies, History, Modern Studies
Subject Matter Political Literacy, Literacy, Citizenship, Children's Rights, Democracy
Who Scottish Television (Producer / broadcaster)
Where Glasgow
Event Election
Clip Length 5:36
Film Length 13:38