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Male and Female (clip 1)

Teenagers discuss gender roles

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Teenagers voice their opinions on gender stereotypes and the roles of women and men.

From the Scottish Health Education Unit series 'Teenage-Talk In'.

Questions & Activities


  • What examples are given of stereotypical and non-stereotypical behaviours by men and women in this clip?
  • Where does the voice-over support the images and where does it go against what we are seeing?
  • What filmmaking techniques are used in this film?
  • What public health films or campaigns do you remember seeing?


Discuss the filmmaking techniques used and whether or not you find them effective for a film that was intended to spark discussion amongst teenagers.

Create a scene for an updated version of this film.

Hold a debate on gender equality.

Find out from someone you know what it was like being a teenager in the 1970s and 1980s.