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Red Skirts on Clydeside (clip 1)

Recovering women's history in Glasgow

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A documentary about the process of uncovering women's history using the 1915 Glasgow Rent Strikes as a focal point.

Includes interviews with women about their memories of Socialist organisations in Glasgow and personalities involved in the Strikes.

Questions & Activities


  • What do you know about women during the First World War?
  • Why does the film start outside a classroom and what is the teacher talking about?
  • What is oral history and why is it important?
  • What can you learn about the 1915 Rent Strikes from this clip?
  • What is a film co-op?


Visit a local archive, library or museum to research women's history.

Conduct interviews with older women in your community about a time in the past.

Find out about the Glasgow Women's Library and what they have in their collections relating to the First World War period.